Surface Preparation


The surface must be dry, clean, of an even white color and without any stains. Remove all old wallpaper, lime scale, metal and wooden objects etc an their derivatives. Small metal and wooden items, such as cap, screws, nails and staples, which may not be removed, should be point covered with oil based paint. Plane the surface, remove dust and make sure it is dry. To the surface, apply any suitable, preferable white, waterproof based primer, or original SILK PLASTER primer, in 2 layers with recommended drying time between layers 3- 4 hours. In the absence of our specific SILK PLASTER brand primer  consult your dealer. For surfaces using wood paneling such as chipboard or laminated panels, it is important to ensure that they are properly sealed by either first using an oil based paint or a suitable primer especially for sealing wood products. SILK PLASTER wall covering should be only applied 24hrs and after the 2nd coating.


Material Preperation


1. Before applying SILK PLASTER wall covering, calculate the required amount of the plaster to fully cover the planted working surface from corner to corner.
2. Pour room temperature water (water should be clean without sediment and impurities ) into a plastic container of volume not less than 12 liters, based on the calculation:

  Fort   Art Design
East, Nord,Provence
  Master, Optima, Ecodecor, Economy, Standard,
Prestige, Silk-Mono, Victoria, Elite, Air Line,
West, South, Base 1,2,3,4,5,6

2.5 L per
1 Package

4.5 L per
1 Package

6.0 L per
1 Package

7.0 L per
1 Package

For using of the material 2 years or more from production date (seen on the package), initially use 30% less water that is specified in the instructions, then add water gradually until the optimal viscosity is reached.

3. If required add the package of glitter, mineral and/or decorative additives firstly into the water and stir in. All type of glitter, mineral additives (A-G) and decorative additives (1-9) you can buy in different colors by Silk Plaster separately.
4. Shake the contents of the bag of wall coating to ensure even distribution of the mixture throughout the packet. Pour the mixture into the plastic tub and mix well by hands, staining through the fingers to avoid formation of glue clots. Partial preparation of the pack is not recommended.
5. Leave the prepared batch for the recommended period (12 hour) in order to get properly soaked before applying. For convenient storage, make use of the original packing bag. Once you are ready to start applying, mix a few batches of the soaked packs at once in to the plastic tub, (volume from 12 liters or bigger as you require) and again mix the soaked batch by hands well. Since it is possible that minor color variations occur from batch to batch, it is recommended to continue adding prepared batches and mixing it in with the main volume in the container as it is consumed. Should you require, add up to 1 liter of room temperature water to the container for easier application.
6. Taking small portions, apply the soaked material with strokes of the plastic towel evenly on the surface at a thickness of 1-2 mm. For an ideal application, after you have finished, and within 1-2 hours, using side lighting, smooth out the surface with the plastic towel, soaking it in water from time to time.
7. SILK PLASTER wall covering may also be applied by using high pressure compressor with spray gun.